• Firstly we check if the condition of the bonsai you chose matches exactly with the one in the nursery. Then we clean it and give a complete check up.
    We clean the bonsai and the pot so it will be ready to have it in your home.
    We control the humidity and the water so that the bonsai won't get dry during the journey.

    bonsai check up

  • We build a solid wooden frame enforced with strong black screws.
    Wooden recycled palettes from bigger packages are used to make this solid frame.

    wooden frame

  • Hydrogel balls, slowly water releasing, are put in the pot in case of very high temperature seasons.
    The stretch foil holds strongly the bonsai with the protective frame and prevents the soil from getting spilled all over the package.

    Hydrogel & Stretch Foil

  • Few important detailed information about the bonsai you chose to help you get more in touch with it.
    A gift of appreciation from Cantina Rostkowski.

    Bonsai Info & Surprise

  • Black Stretch Palette Wrap for reinforcing the final construction and protect everything from unwanted UV Rays.

    Final Strong Black Stretch

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